Kalaoa Paddle Company doors
I started off Building Stand Up paddles from a
shed behind my Moms house. Not big enough to
shape an entire stand up paddle, I cut a hole in
the wall in order to fit the 8' blanks. The area
was called Kalaoa and thus Kalaoa Paddle

I would sell my original pieces to friends and
family and soon my business began to grow.
Offering unique paddles on sites like Ebay I was
able to gain a global audience.

In the summer of 2007 a friend and I decided we
would build "a ton of paddles" and tour the west
coast looking to share the sport and the paddles
we made. Needless to say it was an epic trip
making not only contacts, but a great number of

In 2008 fellow Big Islanders Jenny Kalmbach and
Thiebert Lussiaa, who had been helping me
develop the paddles, flew to California to attend
the first ever Rainbow Sandals Battle of The
Paddle. With Jenny winning the Womans title
and Thiebert placing second in the Mens, the
Big Island was well represented.

In 2009 I started building outrigger paddles for
my crew at Keauhou Canoe Club. In the club
environment they gained popularity and the
business started to take off.
About pure paddles and pure canoes header
2011 Pure Paddles / Pure Canoes    info@purepaddles.com   808.987.3078
2010 introduced the Pure Paddles name and
logo. We started working with Team LiveStrong
Outrigger developing the latest Wood / carbon
blend outrigger canoe paddles.

May 2010 saw the first ever "Unlimited Canoe
Race".  My good friend Andy Penny and I were
offered the opportunity to build a truly unlimited
design outrigger canoe. We met with Americas
Cup Racing Yacht Designers from New Zealand
to come up with a unique and revolutionary

From a new warehouse the A'lala was born.
Boasting an axe bow and never before OC1
style Iakos, A'lala was like no other canoe seen
in the sport.

Since then we have done 8 fully custom
Unlimited Outrigger Canoes including a 4-Man
Sailing Canoe, the first 3 Unlimited Canoes in
California and "a ton" of custom paddles.
"I am so grateful for the opportunity to test new concepts and
ideas in the sport of Outrigger and Stand-Up Paddling. Thank
you for all the support in making our sports faster and most
importantly more FUN! Aloha!"     -odie