Pure paddles V1 one man oc1 paddle header
Pure Paddles:
V1 Rudderless Canoe / OC1 Paddle  16 -19oz
Tri-Laminated shaft
Cedar Blade, Carbon reinforced
2012 Pure Paddles / Pure Canoes    info@purepaddles.com   808.987.3078
Pure paddle with V1 rudderless canoe
V1 rudderless canoe and pure paddle
Pure paddles ultralight OC1 paddle
Pure paddles oc1 surfing huge wave.
16" x 10"
17" x 9.25"
18" x 9.5"
19" x 9.8"
Light weight blade
Great for one-man canoes, V1 Rudderless,
and Long Distance Outrigger Canoe Racing.
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